Whether their stay here is for a short time or for many years, all of the residents at Pleasant View have one thing in common: They are a part of a community all its own.

As a volunteer, you will play a big part in making that community the best and most vibrant it can be. There are many ways you can contribute to the lives of our residents…

  • BRING ON THE FUN! Never learned how to play Bridge or Canasta or Chess? There is sure to be a resident who can teach you how. Or bring your favorite board game and gather some players. Are sports more your style? Bring your sports ball of choice and play a gentle game of catch with residents who would love to share memories of their glory days as an athlete – and maybe give you some tips to enhance your game!
  • CHAT IT UP! Visit with residents and hear their stories of times now past. No two people have witnessed history or lived life the same way, so learn about life through someone else’s eyes and share your experiences as well.
  • BOOK LOVERS WELCOME! Bring in your favorite books and read to fellow book lovers. Or let a resident introduce you to his or her favorite works and authors. Gather some old friends and some new friends here at Pleasant View and begin an in-house book club. Prefer magazines and newspapers? Gather some residents to catch them up on the latest news or celebrity gossip. More of a viral internet video fan? Bring in your laptop or tablet and ask if residents would like to see the latest adorable or funny video that “all the kids are talking about.”
  • TAKE A HIKE! Many residents are limited to wheelchairs for getting around, so volunteer to take a new friend for a walk around the facility or in the backyard garden. We also have a newly renovated walking path where residents can view our garden and pergola.
  • SPECIAL MEAL EVENTS! Put on your host/hostess hat and help serve special meals to residents, such as pancake breakfasts or at resident-family social events.
  • CALLING ALL GREEN THUMBS! Help to beautify our community by volunteering to care for our flowers and gardens. Or ask about opportunities to make our community even more vibrant.
  • HAVE YOUR OWN IDEAS OF HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE PLEASANT VIEW COMMUNITY? Thoughtful suggestions and innovative ways to positively impact the lives of our residents are always welcome!

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Together we can enhance the lives of a generation that has given so much to their country and communities. With your help, Pleasant View will continue to be more than a place where those in need of care come to live, but a place where they come to live life!

“As a rehab resident at Pleasant View in early spring of 2014 I became most pleasantly aware of the Life Enrichment Department. This relatively small group of enthusiastic, friendly, and caring people have as their motto, “to provide meaningful opportunities” for each of the residents, no matter the situation or capability of the individual. I was so impressed that I told this special group that I would be back to help them. So…here I am. I find volunteering at Pleasant View a fun, enriching and fulfilling experience. There are many activities to participate in. I have chosen card games; helping with monthly special breakfasts and noon meals; taking residents outside on nice days; and special music programs. There are also occasional trips to the farmer’s market, concerts on the square, etc., which may require a helping hand. Volunteers are needed for individual visits which may include reading, sharing recorded music, sharing life stories, or just “being there.” Help in caring for our beautiful gardens is also appreciated. Presently there are just a few volunteers participating in this work. I encourage you to come to Pleasant View to meet Cindy Miller, Life Enrichment Supervisor, check our schedule, and sit in on one of our activities. I promise that you will find the enthusiasm and caring that I have described above…and will come away feeling a certain satisfaction, knowing that you have made someone’s day a little brighter, and made new friends. It is also fun and energizing interacting with like-minded volunteers!”

-Sybil Teehan

“Aside from marrying my wife, nursing is the best thing I’ve ever done. Having been an RN for 37 years, retiring was a difficult decision. I worked for 27 years at The Monroe Clinic, and then retired from the Madison VA hospital after 8 years there. I worked the medical floors, ICU and psychiatric wards during that time.

What I miss the most after retiring are the people. I’ve met so many wonderful folks over the years. Being able to help them along the way, has given me great satisfaction. Volunteering at Pleasant View allows me to continue that privilege. I help take residents to different events in Pleasant View, and have also taken one person out for a couple of drives. I’ve brought John Wayne movies for another. Finding common interests, sharing them and varied life experiences is very special.

I do a lot of just visiting with folks. Aging, loss of function, being away from loved ones, and being alone is extremely difficult to experience. Just having someone to talk to, is comforting. My Dad was at Pleasant View three times, before passing away his last time here in 2015. The care he received here was exceptional, my family and I are very grateful. Volunteering allows me to continue helping people, and give back. Seeing someone feel comfort and smile, knowing you’ve helped a bit, is a high that nothing artificial can ever bring one to.”

-Larry Coffey, RN

“My daily job is to help move residents from their room to the dining room for dinner and then back up to their room after the meal. Once a month I perform Old Time music on my accordion for residents, their family members and friends. I thoroughly enjoy working with the residents; I get attached to the people and look forward to seeing them. Volunteering is an enlightening experience!”

-Del Heins

“What I love about volunteering is seeing the residents. They are all very unique and special in their own ways. It is so much fun spending time with them…It was a very warm day and it was almost the 4th of July. I was on the back patio with some of the residents painting their nails. And one of the ladies asked as I was painting her nails, ‘How do they look?’ I replied back, ‘It looks like a twelve year old did them!’ All that resident could talk about is how I painted her nails.”

–Ava Scace

“I’m Evelyn Larson who helps with Bingo on the first Monday of the month. My friend Betty is the caller. I enjoy coming and helping; it keeps me active and that’s what keeps me in good mental health at my age. I like helping anyone that needs help. It’s nice to see that a lot of the residents are able to play. Most of them know their numbers and the ones that don’t remember their numbers, I’m there to help. I like coming to Pleasant View, it’s so clean and everyone is nice and friendly. I would tell anyone it would be a nice place to stay if you need to. I have friends that chose this place to live. My uncle lived here for over ten years and liked it.”

-Evelyn Larson (pictured right)

“As I look back at my life and think of the many changes; Pleasant View comes to mind. After 35 years of teaching elementary classes and my husband, David, 40 years at Krebs and Heer Garage in Winslow, we decided to retire in the friendly city of Monroe in 1990. I enjoy helping others so volunteerism was on my mind. I enjoyed my years of volunteering at the Monroe Clinic Hospital. As I became older I was drawn toward Pleasant View and the Activity Director at that time suggested “Bingo.” It was a good fit for me. I enjoy the friendly employees who over the years became my friends. I enjoy greeting the residents as I take them from the elevator to their chosen seats to sit with friends. Later Evelyn Larson joined me and we work great as a team. I call numbers and she helps those who need it. It is nice to hear the residents call “Bingo!” I like to see them enjoy their friends and have a change in their day. It makes me happy to see a good turn out with residents enjoying one another; also being called by my first name, “Betty.” Evelyn and I hope to continue for more years at Pleasant View Bingo. It is a friendly place to be! We look forward to “our day” there. I thank Pleasant View for this opportunity.”

– Betty Heer (pictured left)