Special Project Fund

How do I give to Pleasant View’s Special Project Fund?
You may make a written donation in 2 easy steps:

1. Print and complete the Donation Form to support ongoing special projects.
2. Mail the form with your donation to the designated address OR drop it off at the Pleasant View Facility.

You may make an online donation:

1. Go to the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin website.
2. Complete the information. Online Donation

Thank you for your contribution!


*sample atrium prototypes


“That would be amazing”, said one resident filled with jubilee. “It would be so peaceful” exclaimed a resident, “I like it” another resident proclaimed. These are just some of the positive responses we heard from residents when we showed them the Friends of Pleasant View Foundation’s plan for their next Special Project.  A beautifully designed glass atrium, a blended extension of the building to look as though it has been there for years.

This new space would be strategically placed to have easy access for the residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery with two exits leading to the outdoor garden space, walking paths, and shelter.   Pleasant View already has a wonderful outdoor space; however, often times residents are not able to enjoy it due to mobility issues or weather.  Wisconsin winters can be very long when you stay inside all day.

The atrium would allow plentiful natural sun light into the space and put the residents in the middle of nature without having to leave the building.  There are so many health benefits that sun gives us.  Vitamin D is important in promoting a better immune system.  The sun triggers melatonin production which promotes healthy sleep.  The mental health benefits of sun and nature are well-documented. In short, the improvement to the residents’ quality of life would be tremendous.  The estimated cost of this project may run anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000.

Completed Special Projects include:

  • Renovations to 4 Day Rooms – With a very generous $10,000 match from an anonymous donor we were able to reach our $20,000 goal in record time! The Foundation is honored to have so many wonderful donors in this community, which also extends beyond Green County. The Friends are forever thankful, as our residents and staff are enjoying the new inviting space for meal gatherings, crafting, games, puzzles and an overall place for relaxation! Please stay tuned for the next 2022 Special Project to be chosen!
  • Outdoor Garden Walking Path that is wheelchair accessible to give residents additional options for enjoying the outdoors.
  • Backyard Garden Beautification Project with wheel chair accessible planters
  • 6 IPADs for use in Life Enrichment activities
  • MP3 Players for residents to listen to their favorite kind of music.
  • Memory Boxes for every resident’s doorway
  • Installation of a sidewalk from the Backyard Garden to Club 48
  • Portable Coffee Carts with warming and cooling food station
  • Portable Gift Shop Cart for residents to buy jewelry, candy, games,toys for visiting grandkids …

Vertical Gardens for indoor/outdoor use