The Friends of Pleasant View Foundation Board


To enhance the quality of life of the residents by promoting effective philanthropy for the benefit of the lives touched by Pleasant View Nursing Home.


To promote and grow the Friends of Pleasant View Foundation Endowment and Special Project Funds in order to be able to select and implement a variety of projects with the hope of creating an even greater living experience for the residents of Pleasant View Nursing Home.

David Buskar

“I decided to join the Friends of Pleasant View Foundation because there was a need to help make the lives of the elderly in Green County just a bit better by providing things that didn’t fit into the budget of Green County.  I am most proud of the gardens on the West side of Pleasant View. It gives the residents and families a place to gather and see the beauty of nature.  Most people want to keep our taxes low in the county so there are limited funds to do the extras that make life nicer for our older folks.  The Foundation can provide those extras through our Special Project Fund and through our Endowment.  I believe Pleasant View is a valuable resource in the County and provides quality care for our older folks who can’t care for themselves.  I would urge all people to  support Friends of Pleasant View Foundation because we can make a difference in  the lives of our elderly.”

-David Buskar

michael-boehme1To be cared for with dignity and compassion in the twilight of our time here on earth is a universal desire.  I hope my service on the Pleasant View Board contributes in some small way to this mission. This desire is consistent with the mission  and practice at Pleasant View Nursing Home. This I know from my years working to care for the residents at the home and now my time serving on the board.”

-Michael Boehme

“I serve on the Foundation Board because Pleasant View provides good food and a staff that pays attention to residents. It is a good place to recover and have therapy.”

-Larry Vance
Nancy Faith

“I have had loved ones who were residents at Pleasant View, and we were very satisfied with the excellent care and services. I am glad to be a part of the Board and give back to Pleasant View. When asked to serve, I did                                           not hesitate to say yes.”

-Nancy Faith

“I am proud to be a Foundation Board member in order to support and grow the endowment fund and all of its possibilities.  I envision proceeds from this fund enhancing the lives of Pleasant View residents far into the future.”

-Donna Glynn

Relatives that have gone thru the process of finding a nursing home for a loved one can tell you how much of a challenge it can be and how overwhelming.  Many of us have gone thru this challenge and that’s why I decided to volunteer on the Friends of Pleasant View Foundation.

Knowing the right questions to ask and touring a nursing home is important; however, ownership is just as important.  Pleasant View is owned by the county and is operated like a non-profit nursing home.  That is important, as much of the statistical research has determined that the type of nursing home ownership can affect the quality of care that is provided to the residents.  Much of the research I found consistently determined that non-profit versus for-profit nursing homes offered specific advantages.  Some advantages include: lower instances of pressure ulcers, lower hospitalization rates, higher staffing of registered nursing, higher staffing ratios overall, fewer government cited deficiencies, and higher discharge to home rates.  This general rule is documented in study after study.  Pleasant View Nursing Home is not looking to create a profit, but is looking for ways to improve policy and procedure to create a better overall living experience for its residents.

I encourage other county residents to join our board in supporting the Pleasant View Foundation and continuing to raise funds for projects such as garden beautification, traveling coffee cart, purchase of IPads for resident use, and other resources benefiting the Pleasant View residents.

-Randy Roderick
Michael Freund

I joined the Foundation Board because I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work everyone does here to ensure that all patients who come here get the best care possible.

-Michael Freund