The Friends of Pleasant View Foundation is…

to financially support the mission of Pleasant View in serving the elderly in our Community.

to be a Friend in the truest sense of the word as you help, support, and promote the well-being of Pleasant View’s residents, now and for the future.

to raise the resources needed to add amenities, increase opportunities, and bring enjoyment into residents’ daily lives.

Board Members


When I first was approached about joining the Friends Board, I was somewhat hesitant, due to the heavy involvement I have with other organizations. But having volunteered at our great facility for quite a few years, assisting with Club 48 meals, early breakfasts, Patio picnics, and other events, I realized this was just an extension of what I currently do, but on a new level.With several new faces on the Board, I see the Friends as a healthy adjunct to the facility and look forward to new innovations and events to further the Pleasant View mission.”

-Jim Glessner

“When serving on the County Board, I became keenly aware of the importance of Pleasant View to Green County residents. Residents of Green County have continued to recognize Pleasant View’s importance by overwhelmingly supporting several referendums to offset operational costs over the past decade. It provides top-notch care regardless of financial ability. The Foundation supports many special projects which enhance the experience of those using this facility, whether it’s for short-term rehabilitation, or for long-term care. I’m particularly supportive of enlarging the endowment fund, which will guarantee financial support for this much needed community facility into perpetuity.”

-John Glynn

“I was asked to become a board member for The Friends of Pleasant View Foundation, which I gladly accepted. My mother Maxine was a resident of Pleasant View Nursing Home and our family was pleased with the exceptional care she received. Pleasant View is important to this community and being able to serve on the Foundation to keep enhancing the lives of our elders is an honor and privilege.”

-Mike Doyle

“It’s all about paying it forward in any way that we can. My mother was a resident and was so well taken care of by the staff that worked on her unit. They were her angels. Being a board member gives me the opportunity to pay it forward somehow for my dear mother.”

-Margaret Huber

“Green County is fortunate to have Pleasant View Nursing Home. Not only does it provide top-notch care to all residents, it provides a home-like setting in a comfortable environment for residents and peace of mind for families. The Foundation supplements the needs of Pleasant View and I am honored to serve on its board.”

-Gary Neuenschwander

“I’m honored to serve as a board member for The Friends of Pleasant View Foundation. My mother devoted her entire career to nursing, and I hope to honor her and serve our community. Pleasant View’s mission is to provide compassionate nursing and rehab care—which is a goal I fully support!”

-Faun M. Phillipson

-Terry Snow


Join these great people and become part of a team who can make a difference in the lives of our beloved Pleasant View Residents. Members meet a few times a year for fun fundraising events and other activities that go towards supporting our Endowment and Special Project Funds.  This is your opportunity to give back to our elders of Green County. To become a member, contact any current acting board member for more information or Heidi Schmoldt at 608-325-8973.


Anonymous Donor gifted $10,000
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